Dirk Adams is a Montana rancher and Democrat.

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Posted by Dirk Adams on June 04, 2014

Mine was a campaign of ideas. Ideas don't die with outcome of an election. When I met with the citizens of Montana over the past several months, the ideas of this campaign resonated with them. In addition, many ideas were brought to me that I was able to build on and carry to others.

We can be proud of the fact that this campaign forced the important subject of climate change into the discussion and the reality, still denied by many, that coal is no longer a viable energy option.

Lack of broad based name recognition cost me this first election, not a lack of ideas to move Montana and this country forward. It's clear to me that there is a thirst in MT for progressive ideas and leadership. People who heard the message of this campaign came on-board. We didn't get that message out broadly enough, however. But there is an appetite for campaigns with substance, and content.

Democratic primary turnout was 75,005. Republican primary turnout was 132,224. Two tea partiers running as Democrats beat the actual Democrats. These numbers and this sort of mistake need to be unthinkable. Democrats must step up and learn and lead when it comes to successfully campaigning on ideas, not slogans. The way to do this is to not function as a "machine" but as a party of the people. It is also critical that we do a better job of fostering women in leadership positions. They give the Democratic Party whatever power that it is that they hold. In addition, the Party must better recognize our Native American constituents.

I want to thank everyone for their support and vote, and my staff for their hard work. Though real change can sometimes seem impossible, we must continue to carry the light. That's what progressives do.

Thank you again. Stay tuned.

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