Stand with Dirk Adams against Keystone XL Pipeline

It's a bad deal for Montana. That's why I'm saying no to Keystone XL.

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Jobs: TransCanada, the corporation trying to build the pipeline, has inflated by about 100 times the number of jobs it would create. (And they included ballet dancers and speech therapists in their count.) Only 11% of its jobs went to in-state residents when it built in South Dakota. And the jobs TransCanada has promised to Montanans are short-term at best. Even the materials are outsourced - much of the steel would be from Canada and India and is already made. No jobs there.

Bad Neighbor: TransCanada has a history of bring a bad neighbor. They drive trucks across pastures without asking, they use local roads excessively without compensation or remuneration to the communities, and development has a huge impact on communities that Montana is not ready to support. If we can't even take care of our people in Eastern Montana who are dealing with the impacts of energy development now, why do we think we can handle a pipeline now? Plus, TransCanada has a history of threatening expensive lawsuits and eminent domain seizures to speed up land negotiations.

Natural Resources: The last pipeline TransCanada built here had 12 spills in its first year of operation, spewing over 20,000 gallons of crude. Plus the long-term climate change impact of developing the Alberta Tar Sands is a serious factor. Bottom line: we can't afford to turn Big Sky Country into Big Spill Country.

Finally, the pipeline would increase the price of crude oil in Montana, driving gas prices up. And even oil companies are starting to say that the pipeline is no longer needed. Why expose ourselves to such long-term risk for such short-term gain?

Join me now to stand up against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

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